Channel 9’s ‘Inside Apex’ story was racist and erroneous reporting at its finest

Channel 9’s ‘Inside Apex’ story was racist and erroneous reporting at its finest

For a media story titled ‘Inside Apex’, one is led to believe that the story will achieve just that, particularly when in the opening moments, the media host boldly states that “not surprisingly, members of the (Apex) gang have not generally made themselves available for media interviews, but they’ve spoken to us.” And then, just minutes into the interview, the journalist makes a conflicting statement declaring “while we’re not suggesting these young men (the two young South Sudanese men who are being interviewed) have been involved in any of those crimes linked to APEX, they do know life on the streets better than most”.

And there goes their ‘Inside Apex’ news story.

In the opening 2 minutes and 54 seconds that these two statements were made, this mainstream media team laid bare a baseless and entirely flawed news coverage that continued for several minutes more, which, by direct consequence, has completely stigmatised the people and communities focused within it.

There have since been ‘follow-on’ reports based on the ‘Inside Apex’ news story, namely from which released this news story the following day.

Channel 9, and other mainstream media houses, are responsible for continued fear-mongering and sensationalism through erroneous and racist reporting such as this, that tears at Australia’s proud reputation of being the multicultural and tolerant society it so claims to be.

To view Channel 9’s “inside Apex’ video, click here



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