Wondering where the majority of African communities are?

Wondering where the majority of African communities are?

In the 2015 Australian Census, 380,000 residents declared that they were born in Africa.

From the information that the census obtained, the following gives a breakdown of which Australian cities are home to the majority of these African communities:

Africans In Australia

Country Of Origin Population In All Of Australia City With Largest Population
South Africa 104,128 Sydney (27.3%)
Egypt(48.5%) 33,497 Sydney (48.5%)
Zimbabwe 20,157 Perth (24.7%)
Sudan 19,049 Melbourne (31.0%)
Mauritius 18,175 Melbourne (48.6%)
Somalia 10,131 Melbourne (60.1%)
Kenya 9,940 Perth (26.9%)
Ethiopia 5,633 Melbourne (53.9%)
South Sudan 4,825 Melbourne (63.7%)
Nigeria 4,519 Sydney (59.5%)
Eritrea 4,116 Melbourne (65.1%)
Zambia 4,082 Perth (30.7%)
Ghana 2,771 Sydney (51.0%)
Tanzania 1,562 Melbourne (64.0%)

Interesting, huh?!

This information may help some individuals and/or families decide on where they might wish to settle (or re-settle) in Australia to be amidst the greatest number of their fellow countrymen/women and families!

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