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  • How do I post an Ad?

    Posting an ad is fast and easy. Click on the ‘Post an ad’ button. You will then be automatically directed to the Ad placement process. Simply follow the prompts to submit your ad. As soon as we review your ad, it will be available on the website (usually within 6 hours).

  • How can I make my listing stand out?

    Title: In order to make your ad/listing easily found, use search-terms that buyers would type in if they were looking for a specific item. Adding item specifics to your listings means increased search visibility, improved search ranking and connecting with the right buyers. Category: Select the category that BEST applies to your ad/listing. This is particularly important for buyers who search by category, should you want to give your ad the best and most appropriate platform to be seen Ad Description: Be descriptive: describe the product you're selling, including its features, a brief history and reasons for selling the item or providing a service. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to make a sale at the price you're looking for. Make your Ad visual: You will have more success with potential buyers if they can visualise the item you are selling, so it is very beneficial to include a range of images. Tags: These appear like hashtags that when clicked on, take you to all other listings that have used that tag. So, use terms that buyers would type if they were looking for a specific item.

  • What can I list?

    There are many other like-sites for buying, selling and promoting goods and services, however this site is purposeful in its intent to list and celebrate everything African and African-related in Australia. As such, any listing that is specifically African or African-related that is in Australia can be posted here. All listings require our review before being visible on the site, so any listing that is not African or African-related, and/or is a prohibited listing (see list below), will not be accepted.

  • What is prohibited to list?

    A list of prohibited listings includes (but not limited to) the following: - Adult services or products. Sexually-oriented adult material is not allowed, including films, images, video games, sexually explicit anime, comics, books, films, animation, adult magazines or any listing containing nudity. Items that are pornographic or are otherwise classified as Category 1 Restricted or Category 2 Restricted. Unclassified items that would or might have one of the above classifications if they were classified - Alcohol (restricted). Some alcoholic beverages may be listed, provided that the seller holds a liquor licence, displays their licence number in the listing, offers domestic postage only and ensures the courier/delivery is capable of obtaining the required signature of an adult over 18. Listings and products must also comply with the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC). Various states have different laws regarding trading wine and alcohol. Make sure you know your state's laws and if (and where) you are allowed to sell alcohol - Ammunition and associated equipment - Animals - Drugs and drug paraphernalia - Event tickets re-selling (restricted). While not prohibited, the re-sale of event tickets (eg: tickets to concerts, theatre events, sporting events) is often controlled by the ticket issuer or promoter of the event. In some circumstances, the resale of tickets to sporting and entertainment events may be prohibited or restricted under legislation and/or the terms and conditions set by the ticket issuer. For example, in some States, it is illegal to resell tickets for certain events for a price above their face value. Alternatively, the ticket terms and conditions may prevent you from reselling the ticket at all. In some States, it may also be illegal to buy a ticket which is being sold illegally. It is the ticket seller's responsibility to ensure that the sale of the ticket does not contravene the ticket terms and conditions or any applicable law. We recommend that you refer to the ticket terms and conditions or contact the ticket issuer for more information before buying or selling event tickets. You can resell most event tickets as long as you make sure that your listing and the transaction don't violate any laws. In the case that you are the organiser of an African or African-related event, then you are most welcome to list tickets for sale - Explosives and fireworks - Fake identification cards - Food items (restricted). Whilst some food items can be listed, certain food products are not allowed. When listing allowed food items, make sure to adhere to the following. These and similar food items are not allowed: Unpasteurised dairy products (except cheese that follows government guidelines), unpasteurised fruit or vegetable juice, wild mushrooms, expired food, or food items that are subject to recall by FSANZ. When listing food items that are allowed, sellers must ensure food items are properly packaged and stored safely, clearly state the expiration date in the item description, state how perishable items will be delivered, and ensure they are delivered to the buyer before the expiration date - Gaming machines, eg. poker, slot, roulette - Government licenses, birth certificates, drivers licenses or passports - Hazardous materials – chemical, biological, radioactive - Human body parts or remains - Images or listings that are, in our opinion, vulgar, degrading, obscene, discriminatory or offensive are prohibited - Items related to an act of crime, including photographs - Items that infringe third party intellectual property rights. These goods or services include pirated, counterfeit or unauthorized music, movies, software, clothing etc - Items that relate to crime, violence or hatred - Uniforms (restricted) including but not limited to law enforcement, security worker, emergency services worker, transport worker, pilot, steward/stewardess, baggage handler uniforms. Most vintage clothing or uniforms from commercial airlines, transit, or postal companies can be listed, as long as the seller meets all of the following conditions: the item is 10 years old or older, it's no longer used by any airline, company or entity operating subways, trains, or buses, and it doesn't look like current uniforms or accessories. If the uniform doesn't meet all those requirements you won't be able to list it - Medical equipment - Misleading or potentially misleading job or business opportunities - Pharmaceuticals and prescribed medications - Radar detectors, radio scanners, jamming devices and prohibited speed measuring or traffic offence articles - Recalled products - Sports or any other health supplements - Stolen property - Stuffed animals or animal products, including eggs and ivory - Surveillance equipment - Tobacco - Vehicle compliance plates - Weapons including but not limited to firearms, crossbows, knives, swords Note that any listing that violates the above, or that we deem otherwise inappropriate or offensive, will not be approved and/or removed.

  • How many ads can I post?

    There are no limits as to how many listing you can post, however all ads must be unique, and not posted again across more than one category or location. This prevents ‘spamming’ the site with duplicate content.

  • What is a Featured Ad?

    A Featured Ad is an upgrade for an ad and increases the chance of getting a good response. It will appear in the Featured Ad section of buyer’s search results with most recently purchased Featured Ads appearing first. It will have a label over one corner and when buyers search all featured ads, will be at the top of the search results. It will mean more people will see your ad and hopefully a faster sale.

  • What is Bump-up?

    Each time you place a listing, it starts at the top of the list and slowly goes down the list as other listings are placed. A bump-up will get your ad to the top again, until other ads are posted, then it moves down the listings again. You can bump-up your listing/s for the amount of times indicated in your package.

  • How do I contact a seller?

    Click the listing you are interested in, then clock the ‘Send Message’ button to send the seller a message

  • How long do listings stay online?

    Listings have a life of 30 days from the day of posting and they will expire after this time. You can relist by purchasing another package at any time

  • Why is my listing not showing online?

    After submitting your listing, we will review it and if it meets all the requirements, it will show online within 6 hours. If it is not online within this time-frame, please contact us so we can look into this for you. All sellers have the option to mark listings as sold or withdraw their listing at anytime. Both options will remove the listing from the website. We also reserve the right to remove/cancel your listing if: - It is considered inappropriate - It contravenes the law - It is dishonest or fraudulent - It is covered in the list of prohibited items - It compromises Afrodownunder in any way - It has been reported by a user and is under review

  • How do I pay for goods or service/s I want to purchase?

    You need to discuss this with the seller and reach an agreement with them. Afrodownunder will not be held responsible in any capacity for the transaction you enter into with a seller.

  • Who is responsible when things go wrong?

    Transactions between buyers and sellers are private and Afrodownunder is not involved, therefore we have no liability whatsoever. As such, exercise caution during every transaction. In the case that a listing is paid for but the good/service is not received (i.e. what appears to be a fraudulent or deceptive seller), please contact us and we will look into the matter with you, which may result in a seller being banned from the site