Kenyan-born Lucy Gichuhi sworn in as SA senator

Kenyan-born Lucy Gichuhi sworn in as SA senator

ABC News article | 12th April 2017

Who is Lucy Gichuhi and why is she tough on welfare?

Luch Gichuhi grew up with next to nothing on the slopes of Mount Kenya, walking barefoot to school and sharing a bed and single blanket with her eight sisters. As she told Lateline, in between school, she would work gathering food her family.

“You have to help with going to the garden to pick the next meal for the day, because we didn’t go to the shops for food, or you go help milk the cows,” she told Lateline. “Here we call it child labour.

“Sometimes there wasn’t electricity. You make do with what you have.”

But Mrs Gichuhi said the concept of poverty never entered her mind, and these days she is firmly against government handouts.

“The trouble with handouts is they create victims and nobody wins,” she said. “And it’s a bottomless pit … and then, given we are in an ageing community and very soon we’re going to have few people working and a lot of people to support, is it sustainable?”

At last year’s election, Mrs Gichuhi was listed second on Family First’s ticket in South Australia, behind Bob Day. The High Court has since ruled Mr Day’s election was invalid and ordered a special count of South Australian ballot papers from last year’s poll. Despite the fact Mrs Gichuhi only received 152 first-preference votes, she received the rest of Family First’s votes and has since been sworn in as South Australian senator.

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