Refugee Victor Nagbe to fight world’s best

Refugee Victor Nagbe to fight world’s best

ABC News article | 14th April 2018

Twelve years ago, Victor Nagbe’s family came to Australia as Liberian refugees after which Nagbe constantly in found himself in trouble with the law and struggling to find his place as a teenager in a new country.

Now 24, Nagbe has found discipline in a Muay Thai – a brutal martial art that can be traced back to 16th century Thailand – that will see him tested against one of the world’s best fighters this month.

After 67 professional fights, 54 of which were victories, Nagbe said he has gained a passion for the violent yet tactical sport. “When I’m walking out there, it feels like I’m walking up on a cloud.”

For almost six years, Nagbe has been professionally training in Muay Thai and is preparing to fight Buakaw Banchamek, one of Muay Thai’s most notorious fighters, in Hong Kong on May 21.

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