Interview with South Sudanese born model and Miss World Australia finalist

Interview with South Sudanese born model and Miss World Australia finalist

Tina Mukasa interviews Adau Mornyang, a South-Sudanese born model who is a Victorian state finalist in the 2017 Miss World Australia contest.

Adau Mornyang, now 22, has recently spoken about being a survivor of rape which occurred when she was a teenager and said she sees the Miss World Australia pageant as an opportunity to speak about social issues, and help those who have also experienced sexual assault. Whilst community leaders have applauded the courage she has shown to share her story, Ms Mornyang says this has not always been the case as she said she received enormous pressure from within the South Sudanese community when she first reported the rape to police, to which end the case was eventually dropped;”Me being blamed for that and my community protecting the predators really affected me and being neglected by my family and by my own people affected me”. Ms Mornyang has said she hoped to tackle the stigma around rape and sexual assault and would use her Miss Australia quest to promote awareness.

In the uplifting interview with Tina Mukasa (both Victorian state finalists in the 2017 Miss World Australia contest), the two young women discuss today’s youth, education, family, relationships, life experiences and opportunities. They say their goal is to motivate young people from diverse backgrounds to gain confidence to showcase their gifts and talents and to embrace every opportunity that is presented to them.

Click here for a sneak peak at the interview, with a link to follow for the full interview!

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